Yellow Belt

Master the basics of Lean

8 teaching hours (online/physical) | online exam | Yellow Belt certificate LCS 1a

Learning goals LCB Yellow Belt training course


You know the historical development of Lean.

Lean principals

You understand customer value, value stream, flow, pull and perfection.


You recognise wastage and value-added activities.

Continuous improvement

You investigate the cause of a problem with Kaizen.

Attitude and behaviour

You understand how the human factor plays an important role.


You participate in daily and weekly start-ups and apply sit-ins and SOPs.

Upcoming training courses

The interaction with other course members – through games and exercises – provides new insights and ideas.
Increase your knowledge and your network!

€ 399

0% VAT

What our participants say

“Great to be able to follow a substantive Lean training online during this Corona period.”

“Fun and informative training. I could easily apply the clear tips in my work.”

“The trainer used a good combination of presentation and interaction to give a clear picture of what Lean is all about.”

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