(Nederlands) Green Belt

Facilitate Lean working

40 teaching hours (online/physical) | 20 hours of self-study | online exam | Green Belt certificate LCS 1b
Studybook De toolbox voor dienstverlening | Assessment practical assignment

Learning goals LCB Green Belt training course

Client value

You have mastered techniques such as Moments of Truth, Channel Model and Customer Arena.

Value stream

You improve processes based on Value Stream Mapping.

Visual management

You improve on the basis of Ishikawa’s, Histograms and Pareto’s.

Capacity management

You anticipate customer demand with the right capacity.

Change management

You understand Lean tools for change.


You tackle problems with A3, 5x Why and Kaizen (DMAIC).

Upcoming training courses

The interaction with other course members – through games and exercises – provides new insights and ideas.
Increase your knowledge and your network!

€ 1.395

0% VAT

What our participants say

“The excellent supervision of my practical assignment has contributed enormously to obtaining my Green Belt certification.”

“The tools offered for solving problems and eliminating waste I could immediately apply in my work.”

“The trainer used his own experiences to convey the material well. His feedback on my practical assignment helped me to complete it successfully.”

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